Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jesus is the True Joseph

Jesus said "All of scripture testifies of me." I have a favorite Bible game I like to play with this verse - open to a random section of the OT and find Jesus Christ in the verse. It's normally really easy. Sometimes it's obvious "...The LORD says:", sometimes it's a bit more mysterious, like "Then Bathsheba bowed low with her face to the ground, and kneeling before the king, said, "May my Lord King David live forever!""

Joseph is one of those easy examples. However, as is often the case, comparing his life with Jesus one notes that Jesus' life tends to be a bit more extreme (ie. the second row below).

Joseph’s birth was a miraculous event (Gen 31:22-24).
Jesus’ birth was a super-miraculous event (Mt 1:23)
Joseph was betrayed by 10 of his brothers (Gen 37:2;28)
Jesus was abandoned by 11 of his brothers (11 in total) (Mt 12:49, 26:56)
Reuben tries to stop Joseph’s blood from being shed (Gen 37:21-22)
Peter tries to stop Jesus’ blood from being shed (Mt 16:21-22, Jn 18:3;10)
Joseph tells about 2 dreams wherein his whole family will bow down before him (Gen 37:6-7, 9-10) and is rebuked by them and hated (Gen 37:8, 10-11)
Jesus tells two parables (about a sheep-gate/fence and shepherd/hired hand – Jn 10:1-18) and makes the point that He is God (Jn 10:30, 33) and is almost stoned by the Jews (Jn 10:31).
Joseph was an obedient slave (Gen 39:2-6)
Jesus was led like a lamb to the slaughter (Ac 8:32, 35)
Joseph was accused of sin he never committed (Gen 39:17-18)
Jesus became legally responsible for all our that sins he never committed (2 Cor 5:21)
Joseph’s master was furious and sent him to prison, where the King’s prisoners are (Gen 37:20). So Joseph was incarcerated.
Jesus’ Father was full of wrath and crushed Jesus under His hell-fury (Isa 53:5,10, Mt 27:46), which is where the King’s prisoners will be (Rev 14:10-11, 20:15). So Jesus died.
Joseph was probably in jail for almost 3 years (see time lapse words: Gen 39:20, 40:1, 41:1)
Jesus was dead for 3 (Jewish) days (Mt 16:21)
During this time, Joseph and God were together (Gen 39:23)
During this time, Jesus and God were together (Jn 16:10, 17, 28, 17:10, 13, Lk 23:43)
After this 2-3 year period, Joseph was released (Gen 41:14)
After this 3 day period, Jesus was raised from the dead (Mt 16:21)
Joseph explains to Pharaoh his dream (Gen 41:25ff)
Jesus explains to his disciples the word of God (post-resurrection – Lk 24:47)
Joseph is highly exalted, given the name Zaphathnath-Paneah (which means, Treasury of the Glorious Rest), put in charge of all of Egypt and all people are to submit to him, given the authority of Pharaoh, given fine linen and a gold chain, only Pharaoh is not submissive to him (Gen 41:39-45)
Jesus is highly exalted (Phil 2:9), given the Name above every name (Phil 2:9-11) all people and nations submit to Him (Dan 7:14), given the authority of God (Lk 4:32, Mt 28:18), many crowns (Rev 4:10), only the Father is not submissive to Him (1 Cor 15:27-28)
Joseph reveals himself to his brothers (Gen 45:2-4)
Jesus reveals himself to his brothers (Lk 24:31, 36)
Joseph says he was sold to save lives, to prepare the remnant and save lives by a great deliverance (Gen 45:5, 7)
Jesus’ [His name means “The Lord saves”] blood was sold to buy the church (Act 20:28), to save Christians (Ac 15:11, 1 Pt 3:21), and so that the remnant might be saved (Rom 9:27).
Joseph’s brothers weep with joy at hearing this (Gen 45:14)
Jesus’ brothers are amazed and joyful (Lk 24:41)
Joseph enters Pharaoh’s service at age 30 (Gen 41:46)
Jesus enters ministry at age 30 (Lk 3:23)
Joseph is given bride (Gen 41:45)
Jesus is given bride (Rev 21:9)
Joseph safely has his family brought from Caanan to Egypt (Gen 45:5-7)
Jesus safely shepherds his flock (Isa 40:11) bringing His family from Earth to Kingdom (Jn 10:14-16, 27-28)

In case you were wondering, the text in italics indicates it's not chronological.
Bonus type (I think you can figure this one out :) )
"Now the third day was Pharaoh's birthday, and he gave a feast for all his officials. He lifted up the... chief cupbearer. He restored the chief cupbearer to his position." (Genesis 40:20-21)

Also there's a neat similarity between Gen 45:16 and Lk 15:10 and Lk 15:20ff

I hope this blessed you. Christ really is everywhere in the Holy Writ!

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