Saturday, September 1, 2012

Changer of the World or the Word?

You can't change the world and the Word at the same time.

If God says, "Stay, wait on me, trust in me, pray, read, wait some more, and then one day I will visit you and make you useful," (Lk 24:49b) you cannot go out and change the world. You cannot change His Word, and act as if He said "Go and serve with all your might outside." If He says "stay," going will be useless.

If He says "Go! I've given you these gifts, now go and serve and reveal Christ, preach in streets and eat with the poor, edify brothers and praise my Son," (Lk 24:49a) you cannot stay in your house on your computer and change anything. You cannot change His word, and act as if He said "stay and relax." If He says "go," staying will be useless.

Either be conformed to the World or the Word.
Either change the World or the Word.

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