Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lo, Daughter of God: Your Saviour Loves You!

Behold, clothed in robes of glory!
The captain of your soul. He speaks to you:

I have heard your weeping
And watched over your sleeping
"But all night long on my bed,
I looked for you," you said.
"I looked for you, my heart's love.
More pure to me than a dove."

But oh lamb, I sought you long before
Before you heard my knocking
The knocking at your door

When you still hated me, living in your sin
Lusting for your slavemaster,
the one who'd do you in.
I looked at you, and said,
"Still I love you"
This My Father knew.

Before the universe was made in me,
My body, child, was broken for thee.
I am the Alpha and the Omega
The Lord of Destruction and Creation
Redeemer of men from every tribe,
tongue, and nation.

I hold your life in my nail-pierced hands.
You can trust yourself to the great I AM.
How beautiful you are, my dear!
Come close to me: near!

You are all beautiful, my darling.
There is no flaw in you.

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