Friday, November 16, 2012

Enslavement to Glory

Powerful, powerful                                           26
March! March! March! March!                       1
Love consumed me, overflowed me                  25
Work! Work! Work! Work!                               2
Green pastures and trees breathed the living air  24
Muck! Drudge! Sludge! Nudge!                        3
I looked into his eyes of fire                                23
Inhale Soot and Coal-dust!                               4
On His throne, reigning imperially                        22
Work harder! Die!                                              5
Winds of holiness swept through me                     21
Eat thy tongue and weep.                                  6                           
I was lifted up, amazed by wonderous lights         20
Blinde thyself and crumble                                 7
It penetrated me like a sunlit ray from God              19
Drinke thy mercurie.                                               8         
Suddenly the same golden orb pierced all space and time 18
Devour thy lusts like swine                                         9
It magnamiously turned itself to a globe for me            17
Behold, thou art naught save dust.                          10
His scarlet blood turned into Prince’s gold                  16
Thinkest that thou canst escape my chains of yore? 11
The Christ eclipsed then all lesser glory, bleeding red.    15
Yea, weep, despair and die: but repent thou not.       12
Suddenly freedom in the midst of sorrow blinded me.    14
No! I am his bloodowner and fleshmæster! NO!         13

Now read this according to the numbers on the right (1, 2, 3, etc.)

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