Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Cry from the Heart

The days are dark. My heart is leaking rain.
The nights are long but they tell me it wanes.
I know the truth, but in-tel-ect  still wants.
My soul it weeps, and sin and guilt still haunt.

I wait for You. I empty myself for Thee.
If I’m a leaf, then God, oh you’re a tree.
I’ve been made new, but why are you so far?
I know it’s true; you’ve cleaned me from my tar.

But no in-for-ma-tion can fill my soul.
And no action of mine can make me whole!
Only Jesus. Only Jesus. Alone.
The Word that splits to soul and splits to bone.

The Wind it howls. It cries. The Ages are Dark.
The sea shivers, dreary it leaves its mark.
To God I cry: To You oh Adonai.
I am barren, empty: thus here I lie.

The sea-sons pass, the moun-tains fall, time flies
Spirit of God! Awake in me! Untie,
Me from this mess, this barren-ness, I plead
Your Presence Lord, that’s all I’ll ever need.

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